Alliance for Better Care Employs Team To Focus on Addressing Vaccine Equity

PRESS RELEASE: 17th September 2021

GP Federation, Alliance for Better Care, has employed two Vaccine Equity Co-ordinators to address inequities in vaccine uptake across Crawley, Horsham, East Surrey and Mid-Sussex.

Both the Surrey and Sussex healthcare systems have supported the appointments and recognise the significant work ABC has already undertaken in ensuring all members of its community have equal access to vaccine information and clinics.

Jeredyne Stanley and Eva Bangova joined the ABC team in July and their focus is to identify and address any perceived barriers to vaccination and engage with local communities who may have different reasons for hesitancy about vaccination. 

They will be working closely with local community groups, faith groups and cultural groups, as well as recognised community leaders, and faith leaders. They aim to build communities’ confidence and understanding in the services that Alliance for Better Care provides, while also improving the channels of communication and engagement between Alliance for Better Care and the local communities.

Both bring a huge amount of experience and insight to the roles. Jeredyne Stanley is founder of the Rivers Learning Community Project which helps to raise awareness of the need for integration of vulnerable people into community driven or statutory programmes.

Eva Bangova is a member of the Roma community. She has a degree in Psychology and Sociology and has researched and revealed that the GRT from England have little sense of inclusion and do not feel socially connected to mainstream society, which profoundly interferes with the GRT community’s overall health (including mental health).

Katherine Saunders, CEO of Alliance for Better Care said: “Reducing health inequality is a passion for ABC and we’re therefore delighted that Eva and Jeredyne have joined us. We’re already seeing that they bring a different perspective and understanding of why people may not get a vaccine or seek out primary health care. We are very keen to listen to this and let it shape how we can provide services.”

The duo will also aim to impact health inequalities by working to introduce basic health checks to the communities with which they work. Both will co-ordinate with Public Health, General Practice and Community Teams to ensure they build on the progress already made.