Pride Month 2022

As we reach the end of Pride Month, we’ve had time to reflect on some of the powerful messages that have been shared and all that we’ve learned. This year the movement marks its 50th anniversary and it continues to provide an invaluable platform to raise awareness and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Seeing all our social media channels filled with rainbows and messages of support and positivity has been incredible – but we want to do more.

One of ABC’s core values is that ‘We are inclusive: We listen and we act’ and it is important that we don’t just play lip-service to the cause. We have grown exponentially during the past few years and we are proud to employ a diverse and inclusive workforce.

But, rather than just voice our support, we want to make proactive changes that will help to reaffirm the inclusivity and diversity of our federation. We’re therefore launching our own initiative to find Inclusivity Champions within the ABC team, who will provide a voice for each of the protected characteristics and inform our discussions.

Together we’re planning to create an inclusion calendar to help us to celebrate diversity and encourage even more open discussions. We want each of our Champions to provide input and insight to help us to ensure that we are being the very best we can be as an inclusive employer and service provider.

Our hope is that this small seed of change will help to educate us all. And play a part in helping us to readdress equalities in our communities.