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In recognition of all we’ve achieved together, and with our forthcoming plans in mind, we’ve launched the Alliance for Better Care Associates programme. The project unites our outstanding team and recognises the vital role they have played – and will continue to play – in ABC’s work.

Across our sites we have so many vital team members, who each play an integral role in our Vaccination Programme. Everyone who completes governance checks and joins ABC’s roster has the flexibility to work across multiple sites. Many may qualify for more than one of the roles listed below:

  • Site Admin – As a first point of contact for our patients, this job serves a vital role in our programme. The staff member is required to check patients in, direct their enquiries and record vaccination data on Pinnacle. You can register to become a Site Administrator using the form below.
  • Roving Team Admin – While out in the community our vaccinators need support from an admin to ensure that housebound patients and those at pop up sites receive the same care.
  • Registered Vaccinator – This role is fulfilled by a registered healthcare professional and falls under our PGD model.
  • Roving Vaccinator – We employ experienced vaccinators to provide off-site vaccination services in Care Homes or to particularly at-risk patient groups.
  • Non-registered Immuniser – This role has been introduced since we introduced the National Protocol model. Non-registered Immunisers are trained by ABC to give vaccinations. Full info.
  • Vaccinator supervisor – Another role that has been introduced by those of our sites employing the National Protocol. A list of professionals who can apply for this experienced role is available on our site.
  • Clinical supervisor – This position assumes overall responsibility for sites.

As an ABC Associate who has completed governance checks you will have priority access on Lantum for all sessions for your role and will be notified early when new sessions are posted. You can now view all available roles and shifts on our booking system and continue to book as normal

Our hope is that by establishing ABC Associates we will be able to expand the services and working environments open to our staff.

We invite you to also join our ABC Associates LinkedIn page.

Full information and role criteria available in the staff section of our website.

Whilst we await further guidance on the next stage of the vaccination programme we are pausing recruitment and so are unable to take expressions of interest at this time. We’d like to thank you for your interest and please feel free to revisit this page as the situation may well change in the future.

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