Inclusion Champions and Network

Our Inclusion Network

In 2022 we introduced our Inclusion Champions who are passionate about promoting a diverse and tolerant work environment. During their first year, they helped us to establish an open dialogue with staff, allowing us to understand those with lived experience and share our learning. As the project has evolved – and in order to best represent a broad spectrum of people – we have expanded the programme to introduce an Inclusion Network. This gives even more staff the opportunity to get involved and contribute their thoughts and opinions whilst also raising awareness of the protected characteristics. 

Together, the Inclusion Network aims to enhance our inclusive workplace culture by raising awareness about different lived experiences and our impact on one another. 

The group is led by Lena Abdu.

Our Champions Include:

  • Amanda Johnlewis


  • Chloe Burchell


  • Eva Bangova


  • Hannah Palmer


  • Richard Visick


  • Zabian Fifield


  • Zoe Gibbs