Communications support

Visibility and engagement

It’s important for Practices and PCNs to be heard, but we also know that the expectation to be contactable 24/7 via different channels can feel overwhelming.

We offer a communications starter package aimed at providing you with a framework to showcase the best of what you do in a cost-effective, professional, consistent and realistic way. Our team of skilled communications professionals will share with you the value in developing a plan, while also exploring cost-effective resources and tools that will make it easier for your team to manage communications activity in-house.

For Practices: As people increasingly use online services and local social media community groups as their ‘go-to’ for information and advice, and we’re here to help you to identify how best to improve your online channels and engage with community platforms in a safe and authentic way.

For PCNs: There is a growing need to broaden public profile and increase engagement with practice colleagues, peers and members of the wider community. If needed we can help you to develop a brand identity and explore ways of communicating directly with various audience groups on a regular basis. While you may not choose to communicate directly with patients at present, we can help you to support Practices as they work to improve community engagement.