Community vaccination projects

Equal access for all

Our extensive vaccination programme aims to ensure that we offer equal access for all. In 2021 we employed two Vaccine Equity Co-ordinators who were focused on engaging with local communities and understanding the barriers to vaccination, specifically within areas of low uptake. Our teams, one in Crawley and one in Surrey, spent time with local people, as well as with local faith leaders and community organisations to better understand how they could help

The team in Crawley used a model that saw them work with a designated Outreach team that engage with the local communities, faith groups, voluntary groups, charities and vulnerable groups of people on an informal basis. Gaps were identified, vaccine hesitancy recognised and addressed.

We understand that our Local Vaccination Centres were not easily accessible for all and, further, some patients prefer smaller more local settings. As a result, we set up pop-up vaccination sessions within the very heart of our communities to ensure that vaccination and advice is accessible to all.

Our Outreach Team worked closely with local groups to create clinics in community centres, faith buildings, mobile treatment units, temporary structures at local community hubs, to offer vaccination and local signposting or lead conversations around vaccine hesitancy.