Covid response

We understood the intense pressure on the NHS and we worked hard to find new and impactful ways to help.

Covid-safe black cabs

We introduced a ground-breaking transportation service for GPs attending house visits in the midst of the pandemic. We provided two branded black cabs, driven by local volunteers. The cars provided a suitable space for clinical staff to don PPE and remove it afterwards. The screened area in the back also ensured that the medical staff were kept separate from the driver to maintain safe environments.

Clinical decision units and Covid hot hubs

We worked in tandem with our practices to offer local Primary Care support to patients who had tested positive for Covid. These community-based hubs allowed our team of healthcare professionals to assess patients in isolation, avoiding cross contamination of GP sites and allowing GPs to focus more of their time on maintaining day-to-day services.

Online primary care support

We also pivoted our provision of Improved Access appointments but quickly establishing the technology and infrastructure to manage online appointments. Face-to-face appointments continued to delivered to Covid negative patients, where required.

Covid vaccination programme

In December 2020 we embarked on an ambitious programme to offer vaccinations to all our patients across Surrey and Sussex. We worked closely with both Surrey and Sussex ICPs as well as our members to quickly establish 10 Local Vaccination Sites, a roving team, a mobile vaccination unit and multiple community pop ups. Throughout the campaign, our team has been focused on ensuring equal access to all and launched an extensive community engagement programme. To date, the team has administered almost 800,000 vaccination doses in the region, and the initiatives continues to deliver vaccinations each week.

Covid At Home

In January 2021, we introduced a new service that allowed high-risk Covid-positive patients the chance to monitor their oxygen levels at home. Our team provided the software and infrastructure and guided patients through the steps to register their readings.

Quarantine hotels

For several months, travellers were required to quarantine following international travel from some countries. During this period the ABC team managed emergency medical provision for those staying at the quarantine facilities. This involved supplying medication and assessing any emergency medical needs.

Asylum and refugee support

During the past two years there has been an increasing number of refugees arriving in the region. We help co-ordinate a multi-organisational response that helps provide asylum seekers and refugees with access to practical, emotional and medical support soon after they arrive.