Leadership development programme

Taking the next step

We recognise that each of us has a unique mix of inherent qualities that affect the way we approach our work and any new challenges we may face.  With this in mind, we have developed a coaching service that helps you to determine your particular mix of strengths and weaknesses, and the role that you play in the new integrated world of the NHS.

Our two-phase approach helps both individuals and teams to improvement their productivity and effectiveness via a range of assessment tools. 

Phase One: 
A Hogan psychometric test is completed, and our experienced team spend time talking you through the resulting analysis and report.

Phase Two:
This second stage is about developing what you have learnt, with three opportunities to explore your findings:

  • Informed by goals identified in Phase 1, you can select groups with whom you would like to explore and challenge common problems. The Action Learning Sets use peer learning to reach shared solutions for improving services. 
  • For teams, we offer an accredited Affina coach to help you explore effective team-working strategies. The Affina Team Journey has been used extensively in healthcare and provides a 4-6 month structured experience. 
  • Participants have access to our range of online Masterclasses, which provide an opportunity for subject matter experts to answer common questions, while also providing information and methods for more effective management.