Michael’s story

Name: Dr Michael Bosch

Role: GP

Started with the NHS: 1994

What was your first job in the NHS: House Officer in Medicine (East Surrey Hospital)

What led you to choose a career in the NHS: In 1991 as an exchange medical student from ‘the continent’, I knew something about the NHS but nothing yet about general practice. An attachment at Church Lane Practice Merton Park in South London for three weeks changed everything. Seeing how a group of clinicians looked after a registered list and GPs effectively managed everything got me to understand why they called general practice the ‘jewel in the NHS crown’. After this experience I was sold, stayed on after qualifying and worked for the NHS ever since.

What is the one experience you will never forget from your time in the NHS: Being a generalist and enjoying seeing patients as their GP even after 25years.

What are your hopes for the future: The jewel has been kicked about a bit; they say ‘if general practice fails, the whole NHS fails’, so let’s hope we can polish the crown a bit…