Neighbourhood Development

ABC has been asked to support the development of the Neighbourhood approach in Surrey and Sussex. This forms the next phase of implementation of recommendations from the Fuller Stocktake report.


We’ve hosted a series of workshops designed to bring together local residents and community partners who collectively wish to improve the health and wellbeing of local people, and the delivery of local NHS services.

The events give people the opportunity to:

  • Meet with other local people and organisations who are creating health in their area
  • Celebrate all that is going on within the local community
  • Take stock of how relationships between local people, local organisations and the NHS are changing and developing
  • Reflect on local experience of NHS services
  • Shape a collective vision to build upon the above

Results and recommendations published shortly.


In Crawley we have also been asked to continue to work with practices in looking at how they manage urgent primary care across the town as part of the West Sussex Place Crawley Programme