Covid19 Treatment

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Covid19 Treatments for non-hospitalised patients in highest risk group – nMABs

Our team provide Sussex-wide delivery of Covid19 Medicines (Oral Antivirals and neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies) to high-risk patients who have tested positive for Covid-19. 
Alliance for Better Care provide the triage, medical assessment and prescription for the oral medication and referral for administration of IV Infusions to treat highest-risk, non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19. Infusions are delivered by Sussex Covid Medicines Delivery Unit.

Eligible patients will have received communications from NHSE and/or NHS Sussex or Alliance for Better Care to refer online if they test positive for COVID-19.  

Are you eligible?

  • Have you checked your eligibility via the online guidance?
  • Complete your online referralpatients and health care providers use the same form

Information on treatments for patients who are at highest risk of Covid-19.

What happens next  
Patients will be contacted on the number provided by a member of the Alliance for Better Care At Home team within 36 hours to confirm eligibility for a clinical assessment. Patients will then receive a follow up call and will be assessed by a member of our Clinical Team. If you have any questions, please contact the At Home team on 01737 448025.
Following your appointment, we welcome your patient feedback online. 

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