Non-registered Immunisers

Whilst we await further guidance on the next stage of the vaccination programme we are pausing recruitment and so are unable to take expressions of interest at this time. We’d like to thank you for your interest and please feel free to revisit this page as the situation may well change in the future.

ABC Training and Documentation Requirements for Non Registered Immunisers

· Enhanced DBS within the last three years
· Basic Life Support (BLS) within the last 12 months
· Anaphylaxis within the last 12 months
· Adult and Child Safeguarding Level 2 within the last 12 months
· Data Security Awareness Level 1 (covers IG & GDPR) within the last 12 months
· Infection Control and Hand Washing within the last 12 months
· E-lfh Training Modules – COVID-19 Vaccination Core Knowledge and Vaccine-Specific Modules for Pfizer and Moderna, Flu Vaccination Core Knowledge and Modules for Flu Active Vaccines and Flu Inactive Vaccines
· Proof of Immunity to Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, MMR, Chicken Pox and Hepatitis B

Completion of an Covid-19 immuniser practical training course will also be required. Our induction will then include a competency assessment and sign off before the start of any first session.