Leadership Development Offer

Whether you are a GP about to take on a partnership or a PCN Clinical Director – or indeed any GP or Practice Manager – ABC has a bespoke leadership development process for you.

Tailored to your specific needs

Our programmes start with a personal leadership assessment that provides you with a picture of your development opportunities. This means you can plan your development programme using elements from our offering or from external mentoring or specialist courses that fit your precise development goals. Your time and effort in personal non-clinical development is therefore totally focused on what is relevant to you rather than wasted through trial and error on off the shelf, generic programmes.

Tailored to your locality

We believe that the best learning is achieved through what we do, rather than what courses we attend. Our programmes are therefore built on the principles of action learning. We therefore align them to the practical reality of our locality and key challenges we face as leaders in the context of the current priorities and the longer term NHS change agenda. So with our programmes you don’t just get the theory, you have the opportunity to work with local colleagues deciding how to apply that learning to achieve excellence for our community.

So whether you are a new GP or Practice Manager taking on a partnership or an existing one seeking to develop your leadership capability in the challenging world ahead of us in Surrey and Sussex, download our information brochure and talk to us first to see how our bespoke programmes can work for you.