Quality and governance

Our quality statement

At Alliance for Better Care, our focus is on providing a safe, empathetic, and effective service for both our members and their patients. We place huge importance on quality and we invest time and resources in sharing our experience and guidance with our staff, stakeholders and associates.

We are registered with the independent regulator for health and social care in England – the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – and work hard to ensure that we don’t just meet, but exceed, their five standards. (Registered under the Care Quality Commission on 22 March 2016). As part of this, we are registered under the following categories:

  • Treatment of disease, disorder and injury
  • Diagnostic and screening procedures

Find out how our teams work hard to address each standard.

Our approach

We are safe

Ensuring that people are protected from abuse and avoidable harm is vital to our work.  The principles of safeguarding children, young people and adults-at-risk are an essential component of the services we provide, as is our focus on clinical excellence.

Read more about the measures we have in place to protect our patients and staff.

We are effective

We provide care that is evidence-based and we are recognised for developing high-quality services in response to the needs of the population. We have established processes that enable us to set up new services rapidly by using the most effective method of delivery. In fact, within our core values is the intention that we deliver and innovate and if we can do something better, we should.

Find out how we ensure our services are effective

We are caring

Treating our patients, staff, and members with kindness and respect are core to our purpose. Our values include that we: care and put the patient first, are inclusive and we listen and we act.

We actively promote patient and staff feedback about the care they receive or observe so that we can continue to adapt and learn.

Learn more about our commitment to care. 

We are responsive

We aim to ensure that we consider the specific needs of our population across the diverse range of services we provide. The development of our Equity Team is clear evidence of our commitment to responsive care, starting from using different modalities for vaccinations and progressing to how we deliver health checks and broader primary care support to specific communities.

See how our responsive approach has helped us to evolve our services.

We are well-led

We maintain a robust governance and leadership structure for quality and sustainable care. We focus on training and development and a culture of quality improvement and we involve our staff in development and planning​.

ABC is built on a very clear mission statement and values.  Our strategy development process makes the delivery of our mission possible by breaking it down into areas with clear accountability and responsibility for each.  Achievement of this is then reviewed with the Senior Leadership Team and reported to the quarterly Board Assurance meetings.

Read more about our leadership and how it has created today’s culture.