RASS Our Team

A multidisciplinary approach

We are very proud to have a dedicated RASS team, whose focus is to provide clinical assistance as well as practical support to people arriving in the UK seeking asylum. However, this service continues to impact almost all our staff members both professionally and personally. This is due to the many offers we receive from ABC staff choosing to volunteer, donate and fundraise for those in our care – going above and beyond to ensure that people in our communities despite their resident status have access to the best care and support possible. 

Our core RASS team includes a range of roles to ensure that are able to provide a well-rounded, safe and effective service for those in need. These include:

  • Medical director
  • Lead nurse
  • Clinical lead
  • 11 doctors
  • 14 nurses and paramedics
  • 2 social prescribers
  • 1 care co-ordinator
  • Head of service
  • Service manager and service co-ordinator