References Form


Please state the names and contact details of the people who have agreed to supply references covering a minimum of 3 years employment/education. If you are or have been employed, these should include your two most recent employers, your line manager or someone in a position of responsibility who can comment on your work experience, competence, personal qualities and suitability for the post. If you are a student please provide contact details of a teacher at your school, college or university. If you have not been in employment for a considerable amount of time but have had previous employment, then you should seek one reference from your last known employer and a personal reference from a person of some standing within your community i.e. doctor, solicitor, MP etc. Where it is not possible to obtain any employer reference at all then please obtain two personal references. Where no personal reference can be obtained then references should be sought from personal acquaintances not related to or involved in any financial arrangement with you. If you have undergone training to return to work then the academic institution should be contacted. Personal references such as friends and relatives are not acceptable unless stated previously.

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