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We are focussed on helping all of our members reach their potential and exceed patient expectations. We work collaboratively with Federations in both of the Integrated Care Systems we are part of – Surrey and Sussex. Our Chair and Chief Exec are also part of National Boards provided by NHS Confederation, enabling our members’ views and experience to be shared and influence at a national level.

We use our expertise the represent the needs of our members and assist in their development. Particular areas in which we offer representation to our members include:

  • Being part of an Integrated Care System

  • Being part of an Integrated Care System

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  • Being part of an Integrated Care System

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Being part of an Integrated Care Partnership.

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We can offer management representation at system level meetings – ICP, A&E, Delivery Board, Urgent and Emergency Care Network, Transformation Board, Winter resilience.

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We are able to put bids in for funding to support members – training hub, GP retention, GP resilience, winter resilience.

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We have full time managers with system experience and wider connections able to represent you.