Training videos

Getting started

We have included a range of videos below that are aimed at helping both admin staff and clinicians with the functionality required for EMIS, SystmOne and AccuRx.


Discharge summaries in EMIS
This video focuses on admin.  It explains how to send discharge summaries back to the patient’s Practice in EMIS. 

Trace and register EMIS patients
This video is for Admin staff and Clinicians if admin are unavailable. It explains how to trace and register EMIS patients into the system so that the medical record is available.


SystmOne Toolbars
This video is for Clinicians and admin.  It explains the toolbars in SystmOne and all the shortcuts that are required. 

How to consult on SystmOne
This video is for Clinicians. It explains how to fill in the consultation using a template in SystmOne.

Registering a patient in SystmOne and patient sharing
This video is for admin and Clinicians (particularly useful for Quarantine Hotel Clinicians). This video shows how to find and register a patient into SystmOne and how to change the patient sharing so that records can be viewed within the service and at the patient’s registered practice.

Issuing a prescription in SystmOne
These videos are for Clinicians.  They explain how to prescribe in SystmOne, and how to check and change the patient settings to ensure EPS is enabled.


The accuRx website offers a comprehensive library of support to help users navigate the system easily. Below is a list of common scenarios that link to step-by-step guidance and videos on how to use the system:

Desktop: Sending text messages and making video calls
How to get started with the accuRx Desktop toolbar 
accuRx Web: Searching for a patient 
accuRx Desktop: How to email patients 
How to send a text to a patient
How to send a message that a patient can respond to (with text or photo)
accuRx Web: Can I save my message to a patient’s record?
How to create your own SMS templates
accuRx Web: Sending attachments to patients using SMS
How to attach a document to an SMS
How to attach test results, sick notes, etc directly from your Medical System to SMS messages