Vaccination programme

Over 1 million vaccinations delivered

Since December 2020, Alliance for Better Care (ABC) has worked with practices within their PCN groupings to deliver a safe and effective Vaccination Programme across Surrey and Sussex. The project initially included first and second dose Covid vaccinations but expanded to include Flu jabs and Covid boosters too. It required collaborative working with numerous partners including representatives from Parish, Town, Borough and District Councils. We have also benefited from Integrated Care System and Integrated Care Partnership-level support, as well as enthusiastic involvement from the local volunteer sector.

As a GP Federation that unites more than 40 practices within the region, our vaccination sites have benefited from our overarching management and our capacity to deliver services and resources at scale. To date, over 1 million vaccination doses have been administered by the ABC team.

By performing our own governance checks and extensive programme of training, we managed to establish a varied and skilled workforce in a very short time. United under the ABC Associates Programme, we were able to train and employ staff from all walks of life.

The latest phase of the programme has been announced and the team are working in partnership with member practices to deliver for our patients.
Patients wishing to find out about the vaccination programme should visit our Vaccination Programme page and the NHS website.