We are well-led


Our staff are proud to work for us and are proud of the quality of services they deliver.  Staff are confident to be open and honest and able to raise concerns and we share our experiences with other GP federations.​

We have taken a systematic approach to development of our Board, Senior Leadership Team and Middle Management using in-house expertise from the Development Director as well as external support from an Occupational Psychologist and Organisational Development expert.

The governance and quality structure is well-defined within the Governance policy and Board members provide leadership to the senior committees and regular assurance reports to the Board. Monthly Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meetings review the Business Plan and developments. There is cross-over between the governance functions and SLT and clear management reporting lines within services and job descriptions for each role.

We provide managerial supervisions held every three months, at minimum, during which goals are implemented and reviewed, performance discussed and career aspirations explored, alongside CPD. Weekly line management training on areas such as performance, disciplinary and grievances, discrimination is also provided and other training sessions as identified as necessary to upskill the teams.

The staff survey found that 90% of staff said they enjoyed working with the colleagues in their team, 91% of staff felt they made a difference in their role to patients and service users and 89% of staff said they were enthusiastic about their job.