Wellness for men

Providing a safe community environment for men to learn about their health and access checks

The Wellness For Men campaign launched as a pilot scheme in October 2022, running for an initial 6 weeks in partnership with Leacroft Practice in Crawley before being extended through to March 2023. The programme aimsto help men to not only identify their health needs, but also provides them with a supporting environment to speak with a member of our team and access information and guidance on healthcare.

The programme offered: 

  • Wellbeing checks
  • Referrals for NHS checks
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Pulse checks
  • Help with registering at a GP Practice
  • Information about prostate cancer
  • General health concerns

This is part of the Complete Care Community Programme, a national programme that supports Primary Care Networks to identify and narrow health inequalities in their local area. The Programme encourages local networks to adopts a systematic approach to addressing the wider determinants of health inequalities including using data to inform action. It also supports Core20PLUS5, the national NHS England approach to reducing healthcare inequalities.

Partners include:

Crawley Wellbeing 
Crawley Central Gym, West Green 
Prevention Assessment Team 
Menshare Listening Group 
Health Support Services – Mobile Treatment Unit
OCEANS Community project