Wellness for men

A focus on undiagnosed prostate cancer

This is part of the Complete Care Community Programme, a national programme which supports Primary Care Networks to identify and narrow health inequalities in their local area. The Programme encourages local networks to adopts a systematic approach to addressing the wider determinants of health inequalities including using data to inform action. It also supports Core20PLUS5, the national NHS England approach to reducing healthcare inequalities.

The main objective of Wellness For Men is to bring attention to health inequalities in Crawley and by the end of the project we aim to have raised awareness of the dangers of undiagnosed prostate cancer in black men.

Objectives include:

  • Raise awareness for more men to consider that their health is important
  • Inform audience of the health checks that are available
  • Get more people to register at GPs
  • To offer simple health checks to the men who turn up at a mobile site
  • To raise awareness of the dangers of undiagnosed prostate cancer